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EUM and Events Service

AppDynamics Team

EUM and Events Service


I'm seeing some conflicting information about data being sent from the EUM Server and Controller.


In the following document:

Browser RUM data is stored in the Controller, the Events Service, and the EUM Server. The JavaScript Agent sends raw data to the EUM Server, where the data is verified, aggregated, and packaged every minute. The EUM Server then sends the data to the Controller and the Events Service. The Controller UI makes requests to the Controller API, which fetches data from one of the three data stores (EUM Server, Events Service, Controller). Because the Controller UI only interacts with the Controller API, it doesn’t need to know where the data is stored.

However, in the following document:

  • EUM Server - The Mobile Agents, JavaScript Agent, and IoT SDKs send data to the EUM Server. The Controller fetches data from the EUM Server.

Hence could you please advise, does the EUM Server send the data to controller, or does the controller fetch the data from the EUM Server?

Many thanks

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EUM and Events Service
Community Manager

Re: EUM and Events Service

Hi @Gurjit.Virdee,


I have confirmed that the Controller fetches data from the EUM Server, and is updated in the documentation.


Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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