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Docker Monitoring

Docker Monitoring

Hi there,


I'm a customer in Brazil where we have some complexity to monitor the containers. Basically, I can't call any java in the container. So, how can I get hardware and heap information about my containers? I don't have any server or docker visibility module.


Any idea?


Tks in adv

Docker Monitoring

Re: Docker Monitoring



Maybe it is a little bit late, but it may be valuable for other people. 


You can read about it on that page:



In summary, those are the things to be done.
   - Configure controller properly (enable docker monitoring). 
   - Run a container which has a "standalone machine agent" which has proper configuration.
   - include java apm agent on each container you want to monitor. 
You can check ad-capital-docker project on
Have a nice day. 

Re: Docker Monitoring


Re: Docker Monitoring

Hi hmengu,


tks for your reply. You're right, but we can run any jar in containers. So, it's impossible to take Machine Agent for which container.


I'm looking for others alternatives