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Database agent MySQL

New Poster

I'm trying to install the dbagent...


01. Select database type: MY SQL

02. Download

03. Unzip

04. Do i need to configure the YAML file?



     - name: "Local MySQL"
       host: "localhost"
       port: 3388
       user: "root"
       #Provide password or passwordEncrypted and encryptionKey
       password: "root"
 #timeout for the metric collector thread
 threadTimeout: 30
 # number of concurrent tasks
 numberOfThreads: 5
 #prefix used to show up metrics in AppDynamics
 metricPrefix:  "Custom Metrics|MySQL|"

05. To validate YAML file


06. To configure monitor /<dbagent>/monitors/DatabaseMonitor/monitor.xml

    <description>Monitors DBs</description>

            <argument name="config-file" is-required="true" default-value="/opt/dbagent/monitors/MySQLMonitor/config.yml" />

07. start

$ ./start-dbagent


Is it need the appagent user and de dbagent user to be the same user?

Is it need rights to appagent user to execute the dbagent?



I'm getting errors on log files


Keystore file /opt/dbagent/conf/cacerts.jks was not found

[<Default Database Agent>-Scheduler-1] 07 Jun 2017 15:00:48,997 ERROR NodeMonitorManager - Unable to read monitor configuration from [/opt/dbage nt/monitors/MySQLMonitor/monitor.xml].. Are the file and directory permissions set correctly?






AppDynamics Team

Do you want to use our dedicated database agent or do you want to install the database extension for the machine agent?


If you look for the first, you'll find the documentation here:


For the extension you need to configure the YAML file to point to your database and the path to the YAML in the monitor.xml. 


Since this is an extension it will run with the privileges of the machine agent. So check that the files of the extension are readable by the user running the machine agent.