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Database Visibility and Events Service

AppDynamics Team


Can you help me figure out a couple of things please.

I'm looking at the diagram on the following page:

And this suggests (to me)  that DB Visibility agent writes it data to the controller and Events Service.

However, when I look at the following diagram:

It appears that the DB agent sends all it's data to the controller, which then sends it to the Events Service.


Can you please advise when the DB agent collects it's data where does it get sent to?

Also what type of data is stored in the Events Service and what (if any) data is stored in the Controller?

Many thanks


AppDynamics Team

Hi Gurjit,

In the Overview of the Database Visibility, you will find the information you asking for:


The following types of information are sent to the Controller:

  • Database-level metrics, such as number of queries processed and other database statistics
  • Names and attributes of all sessions, clients, queries, and other objects on the monitored system

Events Service

The following types of information are sent to the Events Service:

  • time that each query spends at each wait state
  • individual query statistics for databases that support it
  • information about individual execution plans in databases that support it


Hope this helps!