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Cannot connect the Database to the controller


Hello ,


I would like to setup a monitor for my AWS RDS Mysql  .  I followed the guide to setup a VM in my AWS platform to run the Agent . 


I confirmed the Agent can reach out to both the Appdynamic Controller and the AWS RDS Mysql .


However in the last step , it shows failure to connect the database to the Appdynamic Controller .  


Any idea ? Is it required to open the AWS RDS Mysql to the public ? Because currently the RDS mysql is running within private VPC which can be connected only from the VM which is running the agent .




Hi there


Can you advise which database agent you installed in the VM, with connectivity to the AWS RDS MySql?

Did you install and start the database agent, and you can see it is connected to the Controller?


In the AppD Controller, if you view the database agents from the "Appdynamics Agents" menu, do you see it listed there?


Please validate this first, before troubleshooting the database collector to MySQL.


The database agent does the connection to the MySQL Database, and feeds the data to the AppDynamics Controller. No need to open the Database to be public.



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I  have figured out where the problem.  Our AWS RDS doesn't enable SSL for connection . 

So I need to use JDBC and disable the SSL  for connection . And it works in my case .