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Appdynamics integration with Kubernetes

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Appdynamics integration with Kubernetes

We are using appdynamic in our tomcat application but now I am making a POC for Kubernetes.

I have gone through a couple of official video of appd but still not clear.

currently, we are deploying the appagent.tar.gz

ADD appagent.tar.gz /opt/appdynamics/app-agent

and then running a shell script, passing all the details like nodename, appliation, hostid etc but how can I do the same on kubernates as there will be multiple containers in a pod? Could someone have any reference project on github or any blog with all the steps need to setup the appD in kubernates, it will be a great help.


I am running kubernates on AWS EC2. So having doubt that what could be my hostname and uniqueHostId.

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Appdynamics integration with Kubernetes
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Appdynamics integration with Kubernetes

Hi @vikas.rathore 


Have you taken a look at the Kubernetes and AppDynamics APM docs and the Technical Session on Monitoring Kubernetes on the Cloud, yet?


Your unique host ID is the container ID, and must register it as the unique host ID on both the App Server Agent and the Machine Agent to collect container-specific metrics from the pod. See Registering Container ID as the Host ID


Hope it helps. 

Radhika P

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Re: Appdynamics integration with Kubernetes

Yes. I have followed all the instructions as mentioned in the doc and on the session.