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Appdynamics Network Visibility Agents


Appdynamics Network Visibility Agents

Dear Support,

I am looking for help on Network Visibility Agents. where to install this agent?


My Architecture- I have 3 linux servers and each has IBM HTTP, IBM WAS and Oracle Database which is working fine- Now need to see Network dashboard. Bit confuse where to install Netwrok agent on all 3 or just server enough.

I thought to install on IBM WAS server not sure to install as standaclone or add in JVM was console


Is this JVM argument or shell profile- Highly confuse. let some to write document in easy way. let some advice in plain english.


LD_PRELOAD=/<network-agent-home>/lib/ \ 
java -javaagent:.<app_server_agent_home>/javaagent.jar \


Appdynamics Network Visibility Agents

Re: Appdynamics Network Visibility Agents- Need help

Pls find my config on how I did JVM argument for network agent with WAS- not sure what is right step.