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Appdynamics Roadmap?

Vaibhav Vir.Singh


Is there any documentation which talks about product roadmap?


Frankly speaking - i have been hearing below key things that it is been worked upon since 1.5 yrs but still don't see any progress - 

  1. New Architecture with Data Nodes and decoupling App with DB
  2. EUM High Availability
  3. Controller Continuous Availability 
  4. Zero touch Agent automation etc etc

I think technology is moving with huge pace and everyone is talking Agile Development, but am really disappointed to see few of the basic requirements are still been ignored at product level.

I saw there's a section for Cluster Manager for controller deployment with no SSH dependency (which i believe is old school model), but looks like that document section has been removed from documentation itself.


I think instead of just asking users to put IDEA exchange, product teams should focus on key basic requirements to be catered first than fancy updates like dash studio etc.


Not sure if any Product Engineering team is part of this community to address above concerns.