End User Monitoring (EUM)

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synthetic monitoring using java tcp call

New Member

We are using selenium code for EUM. We make a call to one of our http endpoint every 5 minutes from AppD (whitelisted IP) to our app behind firewall using a script in a job with following selenium code (partial code listed here)


def test_converge(self):
driver = self.driver
text_found = re.search(r'"isAuthorized" : true', src)


We have another app which listens on TCP and we can check it every 5 mins with following command. 

java -jar xxx.jar --sim.mode=auto --sim.deviceId=yyy --sim.connTimeout=5000  --server.host= --server.port=6000 --server.ssl=true


How do I create a synthetic job which would help me monitor this app?


synthetic monitoring using java tcp call