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Time reported by Javascript agent is time on client machine or on Server?


For EUM, where is the time information read in ADRUM while reporting the data to EUM. The browser Snapshot, analyze, sessions sections shows the time column.Does it read the time information from the EUM server or the Time is read from the client machine while reporting the statistics?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Abhinav,


Our Agent pass the events timestamp from the browser/mobile to the EUM collector and EUM uses this timestamp(eventTimeStamp) to plot the events on timeline and else where.



Gaurav Soni

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My Question was specifically regarding the session start time as can be seen in User Experience -> Sessions Or in Analyze "TimeStamp" column or the "Time" column in browser snapshot.


For e.g. If the value of session start time is 05/25/17 10:00:00 AM. Does it mean that the Time on End user machine is 10:00 A.M. User can change the Date/Time on their machines. So, i wanted to confirm if the time is read from the Server when adrum downloads the other Adrum.ext file or is written in other response headers or is it the time as is shown on end user Machine.


Also, if end users are in different time zones, how is the session start time (Sessions section) , timestamp (Analyze section), Time (Browser Snapshot) normalized to accomodate the different time zones. Ideally, i will like to see all the time reported relative to he timezone set for  the controller UI.

I have the same question. Is time reported for EUM local time for the specific user? Did you ever get an answer?

Hi Sarah,


Yes the time reported is the local time from the browser machine.




Though the time is local, but it is converted to UTC and standardized as per the time zone.