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Synthetic Browser Monitoring capabilities

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Synthetic Browser Monitoring capabilities

Hi I am looking to find out a few technical details on Browser Synthetic capabilities as documentation for synethetics is not very detailed. 


For Synthetic hosted agent solution,

1. Can you list out all the components to be installed for this solution to work? 

2. For hosted Synthetic Server solution Synthetic agents is packaged with Synthetic server(s) ? Please explain this in more detail.

3. What's the minimum and maximum version of Chrome and Firefox supported? Is IE supported, what about Edge? 


For Synthetic Private agent solution,

1. What components do we need to install? 

2. I see Synthetic agents can only run on Servers or Data Centres. What stops them from running on a user laptop or desktop? 

3. Does it support non web protocols like RDP, Citrix? 


Apart from above questions,

1. I am looking to monitor both internal and external applications and correlate their analytics. What component(s) do I need for correlation, advanced analytics and visualisations? 

2. Our EUM, browser RUM is on prem, if we deploy BSM on SaaS; can we correlate metrices of RUM and BSM? 

3. What is the minimum hardware spec required to efficiently run BSM on a laptop? 

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Synthetic Browser Monitoring capabilities

Re: Synthetic Browser Monitoring capabilities

Hi Bansal


Few question before I try to answer.

1. Are you using Appdynamics now?

2. Are you using any other synthetics monitoring tools like Site confidence e.t.c?

3.Do you use any API synthetic monitoring tools?