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SPA2 Capabilities


SPA2 Capabilities

I've only learned about SPA2 recently, and I'm trying to get some clarification about whether this SPA Monitoring version is right for us or not to transition to.


We're using Ember.JS single-page app framework, and on our current JS implementation (which looks like is now called SPA1) we're using manual instrumentation for tracking Virtual Pages metrics such as EURT, DOM related times, etc. via VPageView. If I'm reading the docs correctly (which seems pretty scattered to put together the big picture), SPA2 does not currently have an JS API to record deeper metrics besides EURT (so no DOM metrics) regardless if doing automatically or manually?


If that's true (that there's no support with SPA2), is there a plan to have that on the horizon? SPA2 does seem nice that it can set custom virtual page names via the API that I don't think SPA1 can do.



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SPA2 Capabilities