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Is there information on using REST API to query details of Synth Scheduled Session results ?


Is there any (more detailed) documentation and/or other information that can be shared re: the REST API for querying data on the attributes of Synthetic Monitoring Sessions that have been executed?  There is the one community article titled "How do I enable or disable synthetic jobs programmatically using the API?" which provides a working use case, but it is limited to one specific REST operation.  What are our additional options?  I am interested specifically, in pulling the log that would be displayed for any one Session by clicking on the button labelled "Show Script Output".  Want to do that to extract lines matching a regex pattern we would supply, pull out one or more data points resulting from calculations that we perform in the script and write to the session log.  Want to do that on a bulk basis, rather than perform on an individual copy-and-paste out of each log.



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi John. 

As far as I know, that would be a feature request. You can do so here on the new Idea Exchange:


Hi, @John.Aquilino  — @Allan.Schiebold has an excellent point. Our Idea Exchange is the perfect place to start a conversation about features you'd like to see.


The Idea Exchange is a place for AppDynamics customers to submit, vote, and discuss product enhancements and problems that need innovative thinking. Once an idea is submitted, customers are able to vote and comment on all ideas.

The Idea Exchange will be generally available within the next couple of weeks, but I'm happy to give you access now. I invite you to check out our Idea Exchange Submission Guidelines to get the full picture.

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