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Export error in ORACLE ERP (Financials) to Excel


Simply need to request a few contributions on the issue that we are experiencing at this moment. The fare work all of a sudden is not working. Whenever activated, it simply conjure the show screen however does not do anything. This was working some time recently. No progressions were made on anything.


We checked the fly up blockers and it is killed. Restarted the server and furthermore checked tablespace and datafiles are all OK. Checked the virtual memory amid the exportation of information is additionally OK. There is no blunder message on the screen or in the log documents.@tekslate

Any idea what may be the cause of the problem?

Thanks in advance,


Export error in ORACLE ERP (Financials) to Excel
AppDynamics Team

Could you please share a screenshot of the screen which is not responding so that we can request further information for debugging?