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EUM Data Not Showing Past Data


EUM Data Not Showing Past Data

I have recently installed end user monitoring. We have had no issues showing present data or data for the past three days but any data after that seems to get purged.. Is this because I do not have the licenses for application analytics? Or is there something wrong on my side.



EUM Data Not Showing Past Data
AppDynamics Team

Re: EUM Data Not Showing Past Data


Are you talking about the EUM events for Browser/Mobile data or the EUM Browser Snapshots?



1. EUM Events for Browser & Mobile are retained in SaaS Event Service for 2 weeks in (4.2 version) by default and you can opt for longer retention with the appropriate licensing.


2. EUM Browser Resource Snapshots are retained for 2 weeks.


What version you are on and also is it an on-prem or saas setup?


/Mohammed Rayan





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