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EUM Automatic injection in on-prem environment


EUM Automatic injection in on-prem environment


we are working on a stand alone network that is disconnected from the internet so our solution is 100% On-premises.


i am trying to do  Automatic injection of the javascript to a dot net web application using the net agent. i have Enabled "Automatic Injection of JavaScript" and when checking the source of the application web page i see thet the js was injected, but whatever i try , it links to appdynamics CDN on the internet. 


in the eum settings on the admin control i have set the correct EUM server and ports


1. i am not sure if in this method i have to manually download the javascripts files or not. i have download them i am not sure where i have to put them. only if i create new folder with the name wwwroot under EUM folder , i cen see the files, but with the url is http://eumserver:7001/wwwroot/adrum-laterst.js.

is this ok ?

where should i put the files and how to publish the currectly on the web ?


2. what do i need to configure in the setting page (EUM settings or other settings) are there other setting in additional location that i need to set ?





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EUM Automatic injection in on-prem environment