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Dexter Reports with pre calculated aggregations at server side

New Member

We have 300 applications. Is there any way we can fetch the reports with following kind of aggregations. Want to run these aggregations at the server side as we are looking at the data for longer durations, it may need to process giga bites of data.

Is there any way we can configure the config file with these kinds of calculations?

  1. max, min and average response times of all the applications for the last six months.
  2. Count of different kind of events grouped by even type for the last six months.
  3. All the dependent entities at different tiers with entity types.
  4. Count of calls to and from the applications, grouped by protocol, type, etc.

Community Manager


I found an existing Community post that talks a bit about Dexter, please check it out and let me know if it helps.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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