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Custom Alert configuration


In my appdynamics environment I have response times values which are being pushed from external system to Appdynamics. These pages are shown in cistom metrics in Appdynamics. The values are pushed realtime and the diifference between 2 datapoints is 5 mins. I have created alert for these custom metrics so that whenever it breaches baseline threshold it will trigger alert. But then I have a unique requirement as when 2 consecutive breaches happen then and then only alert should be triggered. How to achieve this can anyone help. At present in policies I have checked only Health rule violation continuos critical and unchecked the rest. So what happens is when I hava one value which breaches threshold its state becomes critical then when in next check I dont have value still the violation remains the same and it raises an alert as per policy configuration. But in my case it should raise alert only when there is a new value which also breaches the threshold. So how to do that?

Custom Alert configuration

I believe you can do in health rule configurations.

On that screen you have the option to select metrics, you can add more condition and set if all should be met or either one of them for the health check rule to be triggered.