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Creating events within a script


We have countless PowerShell scripts that automate various processes and we'd like to use AppDynamics to monitor those scripts and funtions within them.  A single script might have dozens of different functions we would want to monitor.  For example, a single VM build script would contain events we want to gather for cloning the VM template, joining the VM to the domain, running some default configurations, etc.  


From what I can gather, there are potentially 2 methods that we can use. One of them being installing the .NET agent and using a custom monitor that reports back what is outputed from the script.  The second, I believe, is utilizing the RestAPI to post events.


Am I correct in that these two methods would work?  If so, is there any advantage to installing the .NET agent and writing a custom monitor when you can just post events using the RestAPI?


If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.  I would appreciate any assistance.

Creating events within a script