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Create a snapshot based on specific key words on HTML Page or site


Hello Hall,


I am trying to create a Synthatic Monitoring Job  for one of the HTMl page with specific key words look up. Currently I can create snapshot based AJAX/Page request and with many other options but I did not find any filed where I can add certian key words part of that HTML page. The reason to create a synthatic job with specific key words is that busienss would like to see when this specific page loads where exactly a problem exists on the site while laoding specific to these key words section of the page.


Any help greately appreciated. We are 4.2 Controller version.


Do I need to create a custom script for this? OR


is there any configuration available to make this work?





AppDynamics Team

Hi Krish,

You need to customise your script for it and as far as understanding the issue goes, you can look it under the session state and that should help you out in locating the exact issue


Please refer the below links and our FAQ




Mohammed Rayan






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