End User Monitoring (EUM)

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Couple of Suggestions


Couple of Suggestions

Hi Team,


Was working on creating a few dashboards and alerts, so thought about couple of enhancements that would make sense for end users.


1. When you create a dashboard, for example when a metric is added, it would be good if we can hover over the metric and get to see the full metric path, this will help users know that the metric seen is the correct one and not pointing to the wrong one.


2. When an alert is created in the critical and warning sections, in the text box on the left side, if we enter a longer string, for example with server names, portnumbers, urls etc..its tough to verify if the right content is in place, the same hover funtionality  discussed above will help here also.


3. And in the policies creation, the selecting health rules part needs to be improved. There should be a search and select option. This helps when we have health rules for multiple applications or a large number of healthrules configured. Also it would be good if that window also has add and remove function like we select the tiers or nodes while creating a health rule.


Thank you, let me know your thoughts.



Couple of Suggestions