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Any experience on installation BRUM for Single-SPA microfrontend app



A customer has a single-spa microfrontend app ( After installing Brum, it will report an error.

See the below screenshot. Is there any suggestion for this case?  thanks 

截屏2022-07-09 10.04.42.png


AppDynamics Team

Hi Gong,

Thanks for posting question to the community!

According to your screenshot, it seems that you didn't set up BRUM javascript agent correctly.
I made a Single-SPA microfrontend app demo according to the qiankun/examples and I will share a template containing BRUM with you.

Here is the template of my main app of Single-SPA(index.html).

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>QianKun Example</title>
<script charset='UTF-8'>
  window['adrum-start-time'] = new Date().getTime();
      config.appKey = '<your appKey>';
      config.adrumExtUrlHttp = '<your adrumExtUrlHttp>';
      config.adrumExtUrlHttps = '<your adrumExtUrlHttps>';
      config.beaconUrlHttp = '<your beaconUrlHttp>';
      config.beaconUrlHttps = '<your beaconUrlHttps>';
      config.xd = {enable : false}; = {"spa2": true};
  })(window['adrum-config'] || (window['adrum-config'] = {}));
  <div class="mainapp">
    <header class="mainapp-header">
    <div class="mainapp-main">
      <ul class="mainapp-sidemenu">
        <li onclick="push('/react16')">React16</li>
        <li onclick="push('/react15')">React15</li>
        <li onclick="push('/vue')">Vue</li>
        <li onclick="push('/vue3')">Vue3</li>
        <li onclick="push('/angular9')">Angular9</li>
        <li onclick="push('/purehtml')">Purehtml</li>
      <main id="subapp-container"></main>
    function push(subapp) { history.pushState(null, subapp, subapp) }
  <script src='<your javaccript agent files url>'></script>

Here is the monitoring results.
(Attached figure)

If you want to know more about BRUM javascript agent, please refer to the document below.

Hope this answer helps!

Best regards,