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Android AppDynamics plugin (21.6.0, latest at the moment) does not work with latest Android Gradle Plugin (7.0.0)




In July, 2021 Google has published new version of Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 7.0.0 and Android Studio:


So far latest version of AppDynamics plugin for Android is 21.6.0


When trying to build the project, there is such error probably caused by new API in latest AGP:

Some problems were found with the configuration of task ':app:appDynamicsProcessProguardMappingDebug' (type 'ProcessProguardMappingFileTask').
- Type '' property 'applicationName' is missing an input or output annotation.


It is the same even if Proguard is disabled (although by obvious reasons we are not going to disable Proguard anyway)


The issue is reproducible on sample project we created based on basic Android project to make sure it is not caused by our project setup:


When we try to switch our project to latest versions of Android Studio and AGP,

AppDynamics becoming a blocker for this. Dev team is really frustrated with this, because they cannot use latest tools for development, and because it is not the first time when AppD becomes a blocker

we constantly have discussions of dropping AppDynimics as a monitoring tool.


Could you please share some ideas about how to fix this or in what version of AppD and when it can be potentially fixed?


Community Manager

Hi @Konstantin.Aksenov - I have fixed the link in post by @Aboubacar.Traore. You can also find it here:



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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