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Accessing the Getting Started Wizard



I'm trying to evaluate app-dynamics for use with my company's android app.

After creating a free account, I received some email telling me:

"To get started, log into your AppDynamics Pro SaaS Trial using the instructions below"

It gives me a url and an account-name.  It then says

"you'll automatically be redirected to the Getting Started Wizard."

However clicking on the url and entering my credentials only takes me to https://www.appdynamics.com/ which has no reference to any Getting Started Wizard.


This instruction is also stated at https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/PRO44/Set+Up+and+Access+Mobile+RUM#SetUpandAccessMobileRUM-mobi...


No-where can I find how to access the Getting Started Wizard, which apparently I must do in order to get an "EUM App Key".


Please can you direct me to this page.






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Accessing the Getting Started Wizard
AppDynamics Team


Are you logged into appdynamics.com, if yes it should redirect you to the Getting started wizard. I assume that you would have logged in already and so can you try to logout and login again and verify if that helps. 


Once you are logged in, you can try to access your trail saas url and see if it works


After clicking "Login", you'll be redirected to AppDynamics.com to enter your AppDynamics credentials. If you're already logged into AppDynamics.com, you'll automatically be redirected to the Getting Started Wizard.


Hope this helps



Mohammed Rayan

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Community Manager

@david.weiss were you able to start your free trial?