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"scriptlet failed, exit status 1"

"scriptlet failed, exit status 1"

facing issues while configuring Php appdyanmics agent in RHEL 6.5 server.
while running runme.sh , we are getting error "scriptlet failed, exit status 1"
Kindly assist.

"scriptlet failed, exit status 1"
AppDynamics Team

Re: "scriptlet failed, exit status 1"

Hi Chintan,


This typically happens when the installer can't find the path of your PHP. One way around this would be to find the binary for the PHP serving your application, and using the APPD_PHP_PATH environment variable on the command line as you run the rpm installer:


APPD_PHP_PATH=/opt/rh/myphp/bin rpm -i ...

Could you let us know if that resolves the error?


Thanks and regards,


Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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