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configuration error: app name required


configuration error: app name required


I have to setup appdynamic with ruby on rails, I have added gem "gem 'appdynamics' " in gemfile, also created appdynamics.yml file with following details:

app_name: "My app name"
tier_name: "ROR"
node_name: "test"
host: "test"
port: "test"
account: "test"
access_key: "some key"

Also Please Do Let Me know How Will I get  app_name, tier_name, node_name, controller, host, port, account, access_key.

I am getting this error:
1) WARN -- AppDynamics: Unable to start Instrumenter due to a configuration error: app name required
2) AppDynamics: [AppDynamics] [1.1.2] Running AppDynamics in development mode. No data will be reported until you deploy your app.

can anyone help me for this ???

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configuration error: app name required

Re: configuration error: app name required

Since you're using a config file (.yml) and not the env, make sure you're using the correct syntax, I don't think you use " in .yml. Also, I'm assuming in your code, you're actually passing a correct port, account and access key, and not just "test?"

 Here's the documentation which may help: https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/RUBY/Install+the+Ruby+Agent


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