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What environment variables get logged by the NodeJs agent?


Two part question.


1. What environment variables get logged by the AppDynamics NodeJs agent by default? We can see that the Java agent logs all JVM variables, but we are not able to see any environment variables being logged by the NodeJs agent.


2. If environment variables were getting logged and we wanted to mask them, what is the correct matchPattern to use?


We can see configuration outlined here:


// Add an environment variable filter 
dataFilters: [{
   "appliesTo": "env-vars",
   "matchPattern": "password|key"

But it's not clear from that example what kind of "match" this is. Is it an exact match? Is it a "contains" type match? Can you use wildcards such as "*"?




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Jim.Moody 


Thank you for posting your question on the AppDynamics community.


Our documentation team has appreciated the feedback and they went ahead and updated the documentation on environment variables and match patterns.


According to the documentation, the matchpattern/parampattern is a standard regex.


Hope the updated doc helps clarify your question.


Let us know if you have further queries.

AppDynamics Team

Hi Jim,


Appreciate your patience, So in early days of nodejs agent, We used to wire all the Env variables to the controller. But for now, data filtering is by default adopted for Env variables in Nodejs agent (we are no more propagating all the Env variables )


Also, Thanks to your valuable feedback. We have updated the doc. The matchpattern/parampattern is a standard regex.


Please let us know if you have any concerns.



Arun G

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