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Unable to Configure AppD agent on Python2.7




We are trying to install and configure the AppDynamics agent on Python(V2.7), PIP(1.4>) and the application deployment type is "Apache+mod_wsgi",


As per the steps mentioned in AppD PRO docs, we have done with installation but after configuring the variable in the "mod_wsgi" config file we had not seen the effect of the agent on the controller side.


Also, find the attachment which shows the "mod_wsgi" config file and the entries we did;


So, to configure the agent we need support.



Ganesh Chavan



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AppDynamics Team


Here is the summary of the call, which solved the issue.

  • We uninstalled the old 4.1 agent with pip uninstall appdynamics and installed the latest agent with the command pip install -U appdynamics==
  • We killed the old proxy after getting the proxy pid from ps -ef | grep proxy . There should be two process to kill.
  • We bifurcated the WSGIDaemonProcess into two parts, python-path (with python source code) and python-home (with virtual environment)
  • We set proper file path for SetEnv APPD_CONFIG_FILE , which was wrong.
  • We started proxy again with the following command pyagent proxy start -c /etc/appdynamics.cfg . Please substitute with proper path in new servers.
  • Restarted Apache and with some load, it started reporting to controller.