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Properties of custom events


Properties of custom events

Using the rest API, I can create custom events like this:

curl -L -v -X POST --user XXX@customer1:YYY 'http://appdynamics.example.net/controller/rest/applications/5/events?severity=INFO&summary=Marsupials%20Rule&eventtype=CUSTOM&customeventtype=MEOW&propertynames=foo&propertynames=bar&propertyvalues=cat&propertyvalues=dog'

The events show up in my browser, but only the Summary and the Severity can be seen. None of the custom properties (foo=cat and bar=dog) are visible -- and trying to filter the events based on them is not working.

The above POST is based on the CUSTOM-events manual -- is there anything one must do in addition?

Perhaps, the value of the customeventtype ("MEOW' in my example) needs to have its fields registered first?

Properties of custom events