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PHP Agent not reporting to AppDynamics controller

Hello AppDynamics team,


I have successfully install Machine agent into linux, I can see data in controller.

But failed to install PHP agent (in docker container) as data cannot send to controller. I can see my application in Tier&Node tab but the app agent is present as wrong type (It's shown as Java but should be PHP).

This issue is happen only in AppDynamics production environment but it not happen in dev environment.


PHP version: PHP 7.1.24 (cli)

AppDynamics controller version:

Controller link:


[message redacted to protect privacy]



Sorry, how can I attach the log files?

AppDynamics Team

Hi Chalermrid,


This happens when you have machine agent running on the same server which gets registered before the PHP agent. In case the machine agent you have installed is on the same environment where we are seeing this php agent issue and If there are not many nodes reporting under this tier, we have to stop the PHP and machine agent(s) reporting to this tier, delete the tier from controller UI (the one registering as java agent type), start the PHP agent so that it will register the tier as PHP type and after that start the machine agents without any tier and node name in machine agent's configurations.


Let me know if this helps or any clarification needed here.





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