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[NodeJS] Ignoring unnecessary agent dependencies


[NodeJS] Ignoring unnecessary agent dependencies

Hi there,


I'm currently using the proxyless (libagent: true) version of the NodeJS. I'd like to know if any of the 6 dependencies the "appdynamics" module uses could be ignored:

  1. appdynamics-jre
  2. appdynamics-libagent
  3. appdynamics-native
  4. appdynamics-protobuf
  5. appdynamics-proxy
  6. appdynamics-zmq

I'd guess the jre and proxy are unnecessary. What about the others? How can I be sure of this?


Thanks in advance,

- Gabriel Saldanha (@gcrsaldanha)

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[NodeJS] Ignoring unnecessary agent dependencies
AppDynamics Team

Re: [NodeJS] Ignoring unnecessary agent dependencies

Hi Gabriel,


It's safest to leave them in place for now. We have long terms plans to eliminate the old code at some point, but currently there may be unintended impact to removing them. However, if you're feeling bold and need to space savings, probably you can remove the jre subdependency.




Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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