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Node JS Agent :: Logs configuration

i have my Node JS Agent configured and it shows up in AppD Monitoring portal .
I am using [Node 7.10.1 - Alpine Linux with glibc] Docker environment on AWS clould
The problem is, i cannot see the logs in host environment under /tmp/ as configured below /tmp/appd
using 4.3.4 npm module 
Is there any issue below logging configuration?
In the docs(link below content at end) , it says debug mode would show logs in stdout (does that mean logging file won't get created in debug mode)
controllerHostName: '.....,
controllerPort: 443,
controllerSslEnabled: true, // Set to true if controllerPort is SSL
accountName: ....,
accountAccessKey: ....,
applicationName: ....
tierName: ....
nodeName: domain name ,
debug: true,
logging: {
'logfiles': [{
'root_directory': '/tmp/appd',
'filename': 'echo_%N.log',
'level': 'DEBUG',
'max_size': 10000,
'max_files': 10

AppDynamics Team

Hi Shiva, 


When you start the Node.JS application in debug mode, the log location is logged out in the console. You can get it from there.


It should be /tmp/appd for any linux machines.