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Memcache and machine agent configurations.


To begin, I have not tinkered with extensions and this is my first try.  I may have overly configured like I usually do and I have over thought the whole thing.  I am just looking for a sanity check on my configs and understanding of what to expect the extension will provide.


1.  The environment


* dedicated linux server with 3 memcached processes running on it.  No other applications running on the server besides those 3 memcached processes.


* This is a sandbox and I am not entirely sure I can vouch for the load the dev team is/can/will apply.


* newly created application - BLAHBLAH


* Server Visibility licenses assigned to the BLAHBLAH app.


* relevent machine agent configuration (ommiting the standard controller info and key):



* relelvent MemcachedMonitor config.yaml configuration (yes, spacing is garbled due to cut and pasting, so ignore the yaml file rules):


     metricPrefix: Custom Metrics|Memcached

     metricPrefix: Server|Component:602|Custom Metrics|Memcached

     - server: "localhost:8788"
     displayName: memcached
     - server: "localhost:8789"
     displayName: memcached2
     - server: "localhost:8790"
     displayName: memcached3


* the metricPrefix 602 is the tier created by the machine agent as per the machine agents configuration and found in the tier's details URL (component=602)


* Machine agent log looks clean in relation to the extension:


     [Agent-Monitor-Scheduler-3] 30 Sep 2019 14:47:53,318 INFO MemcachedMonitor - Using Monitor Version                 [Memcached Monitor v2.0.2 Build Date 2018-01-22 20:58:35]
     [Agent-Monitor-Scheduler-3] 30 Sep 2019 14:47:53,330 INFO MemcachedMonitor - Memcached monitor


* The Tiers & Nodes shows the Memcached tier as per the machine agen'ts configuration with app agent status down at 0% and machine agent up at 100%.


2.  My first question is, how far off am I from getting the configuration files accurate for collecting memcache metrics?


I don't see anything in the Application view but I do see metrics in the metric browser for the Application:


     Application Infrastructure Performance -> Memcached -> Custom Metrics -> Memcached -> memcached

     Application Infrastructure Performance -> Memcached -> Custom Metrics -> Memcached -> memcached2

     Application Infrastructure Performance -> Memcached -> Custom Metrics -> Memcached -> memcached3


Inside the memcached custom metrics, it is not very interesting.  I think bytes_written and bytes_read seems to indicate some data, but not much.  Again, this may be lack of load by the dev team.


3.  My next question is, if the configuration is OK, is there more verbose graphs/logs to confirm I am instrumented properly?  I have a feeling that without the Application Dashboard showing data, we will ahve to have a "Dashboad & Reports" dashboard that points to metrics and that is less than ideal.