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Dynamic Languages (Node.JS, Python, PHP, C/C++, Webserver Agent)

Golang inside of docker


Golang inside of docker

I'm working through how to build a golang program instrumented with AppDynamics running inside a docker container.


Anyone done this?  I'm encountering problems when the final build is complete - so I'm curious what distro you used to build from.

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Golang inside of docker
AppDynamics Team

Hi David,


Could you share your build process and the errors you're encountering?




Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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I got this working, although my "solution" was quite a bit contorted.  The thing I had to do was to manually copy some of the shared-libraries into the docker image.  See the following two lines referencing "shared libraries".  Specifically in my './lib/' directory I have and  These I got from a stock Ubuntu:14.04 version and copied them into my build directory.


On top of this I had to manually copy the AppDynamics shared-library inside the container also (see Dockerfile below).




Here's my Dockerfile:


FROM busybox:ubuntu-14.04


# Add the binary

COPY src/app/bubbagump /app/bubbagump


# Copy in supporting shared libraries (ripped from Ubuntu (vagrant) )

COPY lib/ /lib


# Copy AppDynamics shared library

COPY src/appdynamics/sdk_lib/lib/ /lib/


# Copy in the certificate file


COPY src/appdynamics/ca-bundle.crt /app/




CMD ["/app/bubbagump"]