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Flow map is empty for ApacheAgent


We installed Apache agent and did the configuration on 2 Nodes and initially we were able to see slow map for both oracle OHS instances but now for one oh the instance we are not able to see flow map. All settings are same on both nodes but not sure where issue is occuring on node1. 


Dashboard says like this :- "No load detected for the time range"


If i change the time till the day when we did installation, then i can see flow map. Can you suggest what could cause this issue.


Let me know if you need any information/logs from my side then i can upload here.



Flow map is empty for ApacheAgent
AppDynamics Team


Are you sure there was load at that point of time when there was the message "No load detected for the time range"?

Why don't you upload all the Apache agent logs, apache access logs, and appdynamics_agent.conf  in the SFTP path which I have shared with you privately?

Could you please attach a snapshot of the controller UI as well?

Thanks and Regards,

Sajna Sreenivasan


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Hi Srini,


Yes load was there on that time on OHS instance.

Can you please again share the sftp path where i can upload logs and conf files. Since I am new to Appdynamics can you please precisely tell me which logs (Location, Log file name) need to share.



Mukesh Jangid


Hi Sajna,


Im also facing same problem.


Dashboard says like this :- "No load detected for the time range"


Apache version is 2.2



Can you suggest ?