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Dynamic Languages (Node.JS, Python, PHP, C/C++, Webserver Agent)

Controller not responsing - Pyagent

New Poster

Controller not responsing - Pyagent

Hi Appdynamics,


I have a question regarding setting up appdynamics. I was able to install pyagent and run gunicorn using pyagent. I see my flask application is running as usual. I was able to generate load. When I checked logs for the proxy, it reported the controller did not respond.


python version - 3.6.9

flask = 1.1.1

appdynamics- 20.3.0


My cfg file

app = <app-name>
tier = <app-tier>

node = node f58e

host = <account>
port = 443
ssl = (on)
account = <account>
accesskey = <key>


I am attaching a screenshot of the error. Please can anyone help me with this issue?Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 12.26.29 AM.png



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Controller not responsing - Pyagent
AppDynamics Team

Re: Controller not responsing - Pyagent

Hi Hari,


Could you please verify that there are no typos, especially in the hostname of your controller?

Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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New Poster

Re: Controller not responsing - Pyagent

Hi Kyle,


I have copied from the getting started page when creating application. I have verified it too. When I do telnet from my machine to hostname of controller. It is successfully connecting.


Re: Controller not responsing - Pyagent

Hi there

Please remove the brackets around the (on) and try again



ssl = (on)


ssl = on


or use 

ssl = true


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