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Dynamic Languages (Node.JS, Python, PHP, C/C++, Webserver Agent)

AppD C++ Agent: TAR file for 64 bit seems to be corrupted.

New Member

AppD C++ Agent: TAR file for 64 bit seems to be corrupted.



Context - I'm doing an evaluation to check whether AppD can support application monitoring of Blocchain and the native code is C++ and I do have access to the code.


Problem Statement: I have downloaded SaaS trial version and in the process of installing C++ agent in my Ubuntu machine (18.04 LTS Bionic x64) and appears like 'appdynamics-sdk-native-64bit-linux-' file is corrupted and I'm unable to successful untar the file.


Download Source:


File Chosen: C/C++ SDK - 64-bit linux (tbz2)


Steps tried:

1. Downloaded the file from Ubuntu machine, executed below comand as sudo and attempted to untar to /opt path . The error I get is, 'Cannot open file and no such directory' exists.


Run TAR as SUDO.jpg

2. Tried below command and attempted to untar to different location.


Run TAR to different location.jpg

3 . Ran below commands to check, whether TAR is corrupted or not. 


Check Tar is corrupted or not.jpg


4. I downloaded the same file to Window and tried untar using '7zip' and got same error.


Tar Error.jpg


I'm understanding is the C++ agent for LINUX 64 bit seems to be corrupted. 


It would be great, if someone can help me to get the right file or advise me here.


Thanks in advance !



Raamprekash B

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AppD C++ Agent: TAR file for 64 bit seems to be corrupted.
AppDynamics Team

Hi Ramm,


This could be a download bit error, here's what I see for that binary:


kfurlong-mac:Downloads kyle.furlong$ tar xvf "appdynamics-sdk-native-64bit-linux- (3).tar"
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/LICENSE
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/VERSION
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/lib/
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/lib/
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/include/
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/include/appdynamics_advanced.h
x appdynamics-cpp-sdk/include/appdynamics.h


Let's checksum these:

kfurlong-mac:Downloads kyle.furlong$ md5 !$
md5 "appdynamics-sdk-native-64bit-linux- (3).tar"
MD5 (appdynamics-sdk-native-64bit-linux- (3).tar) = 7a07c1401e5ca30afec921e60c203cf4

Kyle Furlong, Technical Lead (C++ and Dynamic Languages)

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New Member

Hi Kyle,


Thank you for the response.


I did check md5 and it is the same. Please see below.



I assume, You downloaded the binary from AppD website.


Is it possible, to attach the TAR file here ?


Thanks & Regards,

Raamprekash B