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Apache transctions do not correlate with backends



I have a 3-tier topology with Apache, with mod_wl plugin forwarding requests to a backend Weblogic. I have installed agent in both Apache and Weblogic servers. The problem is that in my dashboard, Apache and Weblogic are not connected. Instead, Apache is connected to mod_weblogic.c and the connection is of type "MODULE". 

I have configured appdynamics_agent.conf with the correct values (App name, tier and node names) and i even have put an AppDynamicsApplicationContext attribute with the same values in the VirtualHost section in mod_wl_ohs.conf but in vain. 

Even if Apache is visible in the dashboard of the correct application with the correct tier and node values, its transactions are somehow not associated with the backend Weblogic server.


Do you have any suggestion about where to look or what i have done wrong?

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Apache transctions do not correlate with backends