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sum,count etc. are missing in the AppDynamics Python API client.get_metric method output



Hi ,
When I am invoking a REST URI from the browser using an URL like the following
I am getting the output like the following

Overall Application Performance|Number of Very Slow Calls
<metricName>BTM|Application Summary|Number of Very Slow Calls</metricName>
But when I am making the call using appdynamics python API using the following code 
from appd.request import AppDynamicsClient
client = AppDynamicsClient("<URL>", "<USERID>", "<PASSWD>")
metrics = client.get_metrics('Overall Application Performance|Number of Very Slow Calls',4,'BEFORE_NOW',60,True)
print 'metrics details ',metrics.__dict__
I am getting response like the following
metrics details  {'data': [<MetricDataSingle: _frequency=u'ONE_MIN', values=[<MetricValue: current=0, max=0, start_time_ms=1498139220000L, value=12, min=0>], path=u'Overall Application Performance|Number of Very Slow Calls'>]}
Here attributes like sum,count,standardDeviation,occurrences etc are missing in the python API output .
I am new to python ,so may miss something here .
Please let me know if anybody has any idea on this .

AppDynamics Team


Unfortunately i could not locate any internal docs or options for this get specific details, we suggest to use rest api for missing details

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Hi ,
I am trying to do the same but one strange thing noticed there .
If I write a sample code using the python client 


from appd.request import AppDynamicsClient
c = AppDynamicsClient('URL','group','appd@123')
for app in c.get_applications():

It works fine .


But if I do a simple call like the following 



import requests
usr =<uid>
pwd =<pwd>
url =''
response = requests.get(url,auth=(usr,pwd))
print 'response',response

I get the following response 


response <Response [401]>

Am I doing anything wrong here ?