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Usiing REST call to retrieve error details

Usiing REST call to retrieve error details

I need to look at the error details and the frequency that they are occurring in our application.  Unfortunately, because the error field is segmented, I can't get an accurate count of the errors.  Also, the number of errors exceeds 10,000 in a few minutes, so I need to make periodic calls to the Analytics transactions data.


Can REST calls be used to make calls other than metric calls?  When I tried to create a metric with the query below I got a message saying "Only single field queries are allowed in metrics".


Is there a way to use the REST service call to run the following query?


SELECT eventTimestamp, transactionName, segments.httpData.url, segments.errorList.errorCode, segments.errorList.errorDetail FROM transactions WHERE application = "my_application" AND (segments.httpData.url is not NULL AND segments.httpData.url NOT LIKE "*aggregators*") AND segments.errorList.errorDetail IS NOT NULL LIMIT 10000


Thank you in advance



Usiing REST call to retrieve error details