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URL format for pulling custom metrics via API.


Due to the limitations of dashboarding in AppD, we're going to be trying to move some data over to Power BI as the front end.


I've been following along with the below article, which has helped a great deal.


The problem I'm running into is with custom metric paths. When I get the URL from the controller, it looks something like this:


Here it is decoded for easier reading: & Infrastructure Monitoring/metric-data?metric-path=Application Infrastructure Performance|Root\|PROD\|SCMCON|Individual Nodes|SCM-AG2-18.4-HOSTED-AG0SCM2ASC2S001-java-MA|Custom Metrics|allscripts-300-second-monitors-duration&time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=60


The problem comes into play with the hierarchy paths. Web servers are all over the place, scattered throughout different hierarchy paths. For the server above, It's in the |PROD|SCMCON| portion of the path that I'm stuck on. I'm struggling with figuring out code that will work like an AppD Dashboard where I can select "All Servers" and get back data for this metric from all of them. I can replace "|SCM-AG2-18.4-HOSTED-AG0SCM2ASC2S001-java-MA|" with "|*|" which works, but I don't get any data when I try to use |*|*| in place of the |PROD|SCMCON| portion of the URL.


Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated.