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Pie Chart Visualization Help


Pie Chart Visualization Help



I have made a data collector to capture a specific header value, and I'm attempting to make a pie chart to track the amount of requests that come through without the header vs. the amount of requests that come through with the header.  I was able to make a query that displays the information in a way that I want it, however, when I use the pie chart visualization the records that are null are not displayed in it.


The query I'm using looks like this:

SELECT substring(segments.httpData.headers.`x-forwarded-host`, 1, 12), count(*) FROM transactions WHERE application = "System Agent API"


The table view of the results appear like I want them to:



And then here is what it looks like when I switch to pie chart: 


I was expecting the pie chart to have 2 entries in it.  The one that is displayed, and also the null entry as well.


Is there a way to accomplish this?



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Pie Chart Visualization Help