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Exporting Health Rules to Readable report

Hi - is there a feature in appD that provides ability to export all existing health rules for an application to a "readable" report?  I've seen the ability to export rules data in json format however if I wanted to translate this to readable format it's an extra step and utility that I need to utilize to sift through the information.  Use-case is to provide/share a report to business partners on the current health rules in place and expose potential gaps in the flow map.  Thanks!


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Christopher,


We can export the health rules by default into XML format only. However, you can convert this to HTML using the third party tool.

For eg-

More details on -

Thanks very much for your reply and your solution.  Would it be possible to develope such a feature in the UI that would allow a user to run the commands behind the scenes?  I'm gearing more towards the novice users.  Thanks.