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Collect data monthly


Collect data monthly

Hi AppD community,


I am new to AppD and my team wants me to make a dashboard that shows the following information month over month:

  • Over All Performance
  • Transaction Performance
  • Exceptions
  • BTs with the Longest response time
  • BTs with the highest %of errors


They would like to be able to set a month and then show the data as it trends on the month basis to the current month.  The data used for the initial spread sheet was March 1st, 12:00 AM – March 31st, 11:00 PM

So, if executed today, the example sample dashboard in the spreadsheet would have them entering March and it would display the full month of March, April and the current values for May.

Each month would be a different color.


Some kind like this



Am I able to do this with AppD?
I could not find any information about this :(


Please help!


Thank you,


Hai Hoang

Collect data monthly