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Analytics, ADQL and a join

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Is it possible to use a join as part of the SQL to pull back some info collect by AppD? 


The problem is I have 3 parameters in AppD, username, connection-status and eventtime. Each user could be in a state of ‘connected’ or ‘disconnected’ so I want to pull back the information and then max the eventtime so it pulls back the most up to date connection status. I would normally do this in SQL with a join. I’ve tried to add a table reference to the ‘transaction’ table as t1 and then add the t1 to each of the fields even before I add the join, but I don’t think it support join / subqueries


Examples code


SELECT segments.userData.userName,
FROM transactions tt1
INNER JOIN (SELECT segments.userData.userName, MAX(eventdate) AS MaxDateTime FROM transaction GROUP BY segments.userData.userName) tt2 ON tt1.segments.userData.userName = tt2.segments.userData.userName AND tt1.eventdate = tt2.MaxDateTime
WHERE tt1.application = "aaa"
AND tt2.transactionName = "tttt"
AND tt2.segments.userData.status = "Connected"