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ServiceNow AppDynamics Event integration || Time of Event issue

New Poster

Dear All,


Good day!

This is regarding Appdynamics and ServiceNow event integration.

We have followed all the documentation for the Appd-ServiceNow integration, and our integration is working fine with below issues, which we are looking to resolve,


1> Servers CIs that Appd is pushing into ServiceNow comes with FQDN, and CIs in ServiceNow has only Hostname in Name field. ServiceNow is failing to reconcile this , as there is no serial number field coming from APPD, and then ServiceNow creates a new CI for the server with FQDN. This is creating duplicate servers in ServiceNow.


2> Events are being forwarded in ServiceNow by Appdynamics finely, but the Time of Event field is empty, which means APPD is not sending event time in the event data, this is causing our event rule to fail and we are unable to convert them into Alert.


Have anyone faced this similar situation before, what were the steps taken from ServiceNow or APPD side.

ANy help will be greatly appreciated.