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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

Server Visibility not working

Server Visibility not working

Hi Team,

We are using  machineagent ver4.2.2.0 on RHEL machines. We want to use the server visibility licenses. Present, we have 24 server visibility licenses.  

To enable Server visibility, I followed the following steps:

machineagent startup script: ( I added following line)

AGENT_OPTIONS="$AGENT_OPTIONS -Dappdynamics.sim.enabled=true"

controller-info.xml ( I enabled the sim-enabled element)


Environment Variable: ( on command line )


After, I executed the above steps, restarted machine agent without errors. And there is nothing changes happened on SaaS controller.




I couldn't see any extended metrics added on SaaS controller to monitor RHEL machine. 

Also, there is no change in the server visibility licenses ( remains same like as 0 outof 24)


Can you please, help us how to enable Server Visibility? I want to monitor the extended hardware metrics on SaaS controller.


Picture: This shows the present Server visibility status.

before server availability.PNG
















Thanks and Regards,

Avinash Isukaleti

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Server Visibility not working

I don't think 4.2 agents can talk to a 4.5 controller for Server Visibility, which is what you probably have if you are running a SAAS Controller. I think you need a minimum of 4.3, as shown here (might as well upgrade to 4.5 agents):


Sounds like you did all the correct configs to get it to work minus the compatability issue though.

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Eric Miller, thanks  for the response.

I have followed the documentation provided by the appdynamics. Here is the follwoing link, I followed.


I have executed the the above steps described in the link.


But no changes on the server visibility units. I want to use those 24 units. But none of them have been utillized.


Also we are using  Machine Agent v4.5.5.1784 not 4.2. The server visibility not working even though we are using v4.5.


Can you give the solution for this problem?






I'm not certain then without seeing the rest of the controller-info.xml (don't attach it, it's private) but can you verify it's filled out correctly, you're filling out the correct one (the one in the machineagent4.5.### folder, not the root one) and your ports are open between your controller and those servers? If you mark the agents as "false" for SIEM enabled, do they appear as normal machine agents?  Another place to check is the logs folder in the machineagen4.5.### folder. They should tell you if they're trying to connect to the controller but failing.

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