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Sampling interval (observed plot points) for APM sourced metrics vs. SVM sourced metrics.

We've noticed we are not getting the 1 minute sampling interval for the metrics that are sourced by the Server Visibility Monitoring agent.  Documents confirm and we do see 1 minute for the metrics sourced from the APM agent for up to 8 days.  Is there a way to get sampling to a shorter interval (currently experiencing 5 minutes) for the metrics from the SVM agent?


Thank you.





Hi Blain


You can set the smapling frequency lower by changing the sampling frequency in the ServerMonitoring.yml file.


Not sure if you can make it less than 1minute, or let me say it this way the backend controller will only store a certain amount of samples per minute.


If I can remember correctly it will store 1 metric per minute, so for your use case that should be fine. If you want to reduce the sampling to less than 1 minute you would have to check with AppDynamics what the Controller backend will support



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Hi Mario,


Thank you!  It looks straight forward enough.  I have verified the setting in the config.yml file and I sent it to the application developer to consider.  I'll let you know how it comes out.