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Quality issues with Controller Build using Google Chrome

Hi Team,

This is just an observation. I have been observing a quite a few anomalies with build upgrade (prior was running build 4.4.x.xxxx).

Particularly with Google Chrome (v69) browser, refuses to render full data . For example under Business transactions tab, or events tab, and few others, there are no transactions (data) to be seen . (Empty)! 

Didn't observe any issues with Edge ver 42.17134.1.0, IE ver 11.285, Firefox 62 this far






Hi Adrian,

Do you have an AD-blocker enabled? Try disable it and refresh the page.


Hi Jesper,

Thank you, yes. I was able to see the BTs after disabling the adblock.

HOW EVER it is still a bug! Having an adblocker turned on should not have an impact on this feature.

Quite surprised by this!

Many Thanks