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Oracle server not accepting connections from DB Agent machine.




I want to add a cloud database for monitoring in AppD. But it didn't create a connection as it is showing as ?.

The server which helped us to monitor is a local server but the Cloud database is an external. So how can I make a connection in between both to monitor Cloud DB. Any private key is used to help the monitoring?






Hi There


Can you provide some more detail around your deployment? I assume you mean the database is within a cloud environment e.g AWS, Azure etc?


From my view companies are very unlikely to open up their database directly to be accessed via JDBC from a remote database collector, or any other for that matter.


I strongly recommend you install a database collector within the same environment/network where the Database is, and to which the database collector has access to the Database via JDBC.


As the Database collector communicates one way towards the controller, security is more likely to allow the outbound connection from the Database collector to the collector.


However to answer your question, technically should they for some reason allow connections over the internet etc. to their database, you need to engage with their technical/DB team to understand what authentication methods they support/provide to their database and work from there. However I doubt that this will be the case:)




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